Skin Care Basics: How to wash your face?

What if we told you that beautiful skin is as easy as washing your face the right way? 

Here are six simple steps to get you there:


Begin with your hands. Thoroughly soap and rinse your hands before washing your face, because you don't want the dirt and grime from your fingers to transfer to your face.


Pick the right cleanser. The right cleanser should be able to remove makeup, dirt and sweat, but not strip away your skin's healthy oils. So if your skin is dry, choose a milky cleanser. Oily skin needs something containing salicylic acid to prevent breakouts, and sensitive skin needs cleansers that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. So get to know your skin-type and choose the right cleanser.

Check a variety of Cleansers for different skin types here:


Remove all make-up. A good cleanser should take care of removing sunscreen, foundation and eye makeup. But stubborn long-lasting lipsticks might need a little more attention; cleansing wipes usually come in handy at this step.


Use lukewarm water. Moisten your face completely with lukewarm water. Water that is too hot will shock the skin and cause excessive dryness.


Wash right. Squeeze a little bit of cleanser onto your fingertips, lather up, then begin massaging your face in a circular motion. Start at the hairline, and work your way down to your nose, cheeks, jawline and neck. This should take anywhere between 30 seconds to a full minute. The circular motions help boost blood circulation and slough off dead skin cells.


Rinse your face two or three times with cool water to close your pores. Gently pat your skin dry; do not rub. Leaving your skin a little moist helps it better absorb any serum or cream you apply after washing.

It’s that simple! And if done the right way, you only need to wash your face once a day, ideally just before going to bed. If this simple routine could get you glowing skin in the morning, isn't it totally worth those five minutes of lost sleep? Yes, we thought you’d agree! 

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I was washing my face all wrong

This was helpful because I normally use hot water.

Woaa, we really make a lot errors while washing our faces.

I liked the article , very useful tips for skin care.If one uses these tips seriously then it will surely help in maintaining the skin.Most important is to take off all the makeup before going to bed, because when you sleep your skin actually relaxes to restore the skin properly you need to take necessary precautions which can also help in avoiding skin aging problems

I never did the last part (wipe off) correctly. I am going to take care of it now :*

Thanks for the article, some good tidbits of information! However what are you meant to do if you have dry skin and also get breakouts? Rub downward and upward?

These simple tip followed at start and end of day makes a big difference!!


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